Brand Strategy

Insights & Ingenuity can help you get a handle on the environment, your competition, and your brand’s very essence.  We can help bring new ideas to light while providing a framework for action.

Brand Intelligence

Do you really know what’s going on in your market and among the competition?  Are you considering branching out but need more information before allocating internal resources on a new initiative?

Insights & Ingenuity can conduct research and analyze findings to deliver informed recommendations and landscape reviews. We interpret secondary sources, pour over syndicated material and incorporate slices of your proprietary data to advise on key consumer trend movements which may impact your business.  A custom solution may include these services:

  • Category reviews
  • Competitive assessments
  • Consumer trendcast reports

Brand Strategy

A strong brand may be the biggest asset a business owns, enabling it to weather downturns, emerge from a crisis, attract talented recruits, and generate affinity with its consumers.  Is your brand healthy enough to forge ahead?

Ask us to conduct a brand audit and positioning assessment to help you establish a more competitive position in the marketplace. We offer:

  • Brand evaluations and equity reviews
  • Consultation to help define (or re-define) a brand identity
  • Guidance to develop an improved customer-centric position
  • Provide recommendations to help reconfigure the category

“Wherever there is a rift between strategy and creativity – between logic and magic – there’s a brand gap.  It can cause a brilliant strategy to fail where it counts the most, at the point of contact with the consumer.”—Marty Neumeier, author of The Brand Gap:  How to bridge the distance between business strategy and design.

Brand-Building Digital Marketing

Insights & Ingenuity helps brands earn customer preference.

We develop relevant, defensible brand positions, web content and content tactics that tell a compelling story while actually being useful to readers. We think our approach supports brand awareness and conversion objectives in ways that are appropriate to the brand and rewarding for its audiences.

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