Why Us

Decision-making behaviors have shifted. The path to purchase is any direction but linear. Channels are abundant and messaging is often noisy. Corporate communications is no longer driving the bus. Your users are.

How’s your brand faring under the reign of the more discerning, info-hungry and empowered customer? Out on the pavement choking on the exhaust, eh?

It’s a good thing you’ve come to the right digital marketing firm. We handle strategic engagements and contained projects. Our destination is a consistent online experience appropriate to the brand and useful to its audience.  The itinerary includes sensible positioning, search-friendly content assets, and empathetic community management.

Relevant. Useful. Assistive. Our brand positioning, content, and community-building services can help your brand earn customer preference. Claim a front seat again, then enjoy the ride.

Because when your brand is preferred, the competition has a way of  becoming just another shrinking object in the mirror.


Curious to understand how we think?  Want to know what we’re all about? Browse the blog and read our ePaper that looks at customer satisfaction and brand image in an increasingly online society.

Read our contributions to Social Media Explorer, MarketingProfsContent Marketing Institute, Shareaholic99designs, Workshifting, and articles for the Corridor Business Journal where we write extensively about brand-building, content planning and development, online communities, customer experience, social media marketing, and small business issues.

What They Say

“Heather gets it. And she gets it done. She’s a brilliant strategist when it comes to brand building, and she knows how to use traditional and non-traditional approaches to maximize her impact. She’s focused and driven, with a great work ethic.”

~ Lynn Manternach,  President and Owner,  MindFire Communications

“Heather contributes insightful, well-researched content that helps solidify our brand position through thoughtful dialogue with readers. Her writing chops, SEO skills, and capacity to think critically about how digital and social drive business made for a job well done.”

~ Laura Fitton,  Author and Inbound Marketing Evangelist, HubSpot

“She knows how to make the often fluffy world of social media and online marketing tactical, practical, and measurable. She’s a stud. Period.”

~ Jason Falls, Author and CEO, Social Media Explorer, LLC.

Brand-Building Digital Marketing

Insights & Ingenuity helps brands earn customer preference.

We develop relevant, defensible brand positions, web content and content tactics that tell a compelling story while actually being useful to readers. We think our approach supports brand awareness and conversion objectives in ways that are appropriate to the brand and rewarding for its audiences.

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